With a surprisingly "Johnny come lately" headline of At the Sundance Film Festival, a New Power Broker Is Born, The New York Times today ran a front page feature on indie biz fixture John Sloss, the most sucessful producer's rep in the US. The thing is, Sloss and his company, Cinetic Media, have been making deals on the indie scene for years. While Cinetic was founded in 2001, Sloss has been representing, selling and sometimes executive producing films since the early-1990's. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great when anyone in a business that rarely gets such high-profile ink lands on the front page of the Times, but it's not exactly news. Well, not to us.

It's also not much of a surprise that the buyers of the films Sloss reps seem not to like some of his tactics, as he ends up getting his clients maximum dollars. However, the article is a lilttle unclear on what exactly he does that the distributors can find fault with. No matter what, John Sloss and Cinetic are major players on the indie scene and any filmmaker would be smart to get them to view their film.

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