Today's Park City Dispatch on the GreenCine blog is from Hannah Eaves, who notes that, the dreaded pre-screening animations aside, this year's festival has played host to some especially strong shorts. Among them: the Academy Award-nominated Wasp, directed by British filmmaker Andrea Arnold, which Eaves compares to the work of British Realists Michael Winterbottom and Ken Loach - strong praise for a first film.

Eaves also commends another film recently kissed by AMPAS, the animated short Ryan - "by far the most talked about short at this year's festival" - in which filmmaker Chris Landreth depicts a conversation between himself and his mentor, Ryan Larkin. Eaves breaks down Landreth's unique aesthetic vision:

3D animation is used to recreate the scene of the conversation, but Landreth takes advantage of its flexibility to make each character's appearance reflect their mental state. For instance, neither has a fully fleshed out head. In moments of mental suffocation, brightly colored ribbons sprout out of Landreth's skull and wrap his face tightly. When he warns Larkin about his alcohol problem, a neon halo sprouts from the top of his head.

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