ludlow.jpgThis is the future of homegrown movie marketing: filmmaker David Paterson, the creator of American Spectrum entry Love Ludlow, has showered Park City with pens, tv shirts, refrigerator magnets, and sundry other smallscale promotional items emblazoned with his film's name. Paterson, a playwright and former soap opera actor, has a cross-promotional deal with a company called 4imprintPromotional Products. Not only do they provide the swag - which Paterson hand distributes - but 4imprint is also hosting the filmmaker's blog, in which he breaks down his guerilla marketing campaign with outsider glee:

They then took me to the "in" bar, a place called "The No Name" bar [...] I also approached three different women who were wearing baseball caps. Take it easy, honey. I was wearing my ring.

See, I had a strategy going here. First of all, women are nicer and tend to keep their word. So clearly they like wearing caps, so I offer them a cap on the provision that they have to wear it around town, when they say yes, they'll wear it, they probably will.

And at these types of events, all the guys are checking out the girls, and all the girls check out what other girls are wearing. I could talk to a guy in a bar for an hour and not even notice he's not wearing pants. Guys are like that. So girls' heads get better coverage.

Tonight I have some industry parties to go to. I'm taking a few hats, but a ton of the bracelets. They seem to be really hot.

For more on Paterson and 4imprint's somewhat wacky alliance, go here.

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