Here is the official information direct from Sundance... the live coverage was done over a cell phone, so it was a little spotty.

The American Documentary Grand Jury Prize was given to WHY WE FIGHT, written and directed byEugene Jarecki. The American Dramatic Grand Jury Prize was presented to FORTY SHADES OF BLUE, directed byIra Sachs and written by Michael Rohatyn and Ira Sachs.

The World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize was given to SHAPE OF THE MOON (The Netherlands), directed by Leonard Retel Helmrich and written by Leonard Retel Helmrich and Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich. The World Cinema Dramatic Jury Prize was presented to THE HERO (Angola/Portugal/France), directed byZézé Gamboa and written by Carla Baptista.

The American Documentary Audience Award was presented to MURDERBALL, a film directed byHenry-Alex Rubin andDana Adam Shapiro. The American Dramatic Audience Award winner is HUSTLE & FLOW, written and directed by Craig Brewer. The Audience Awards are sponsored by Volkswagen of America, and are given to a documentary and a dramatic film in Competition or American Spectrum, as voted by Film Festival audiences.

The World Cinema Documentary Audience Award was presented to SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL: THE JOURNEY OF ROM??O DALLAIRE (Canada ), directed by Peter Raymont. The World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award was presented to BROTHERS (Denmark ), directed by Susanne Bier. The World Cinema Audience Awards are given to both an international dramatic and documentary film in World Cinema Competition as voted by Film Festival audiences.

The American Directing Award recognizes excellence in directing for dramatic and documentary features. The Documentary Directing Award went to Jeff Feuerzeig, director of THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON. The Dramatic Directing Award was presented to Noah Baumbach for THE SQUID AND THE WHALE.

The American Excellence in Cinematography Award honors exceptional photography in both a dramatic and documentary film at the Festival. Gary Griffin for THE EDUCATION OF SHELBY KNOX from the Documentary Competition and Amelia Vincent for HUSTLE & FLOW from the Dramatic Competition received the 2005 Cinematography Awards. 

The American Dramatic Jury presents the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for outstanding achievement in writing.  The 2005 prize was given to Noah Baumbach forTHE SQUID AND THE WHALE. The award is sponsored by the Utah Film Commission. 

The American Documentary Jury bestowed a Special Jury Prize for Editing to MURDERBALL, directed by Henry-Alex Rubin andDana Adam Shapiro and edited byGeoffrey Richman andConor O' Neill, and a Special Jury Prize to AFTER INNOCENCE, directed by Jessica Sanders

The American Dramatic Jury presented Special Jury Prizes for Acting to Amy Adams, for her performance in JUNEBUG, and to Lou Pucci, for his performance in THUMBSUCKER. The Dramatic Jury also awarded Special Jury Prizes for Originality of Vision to Miranda July, who wrote, directed, and acted in ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW, and to Rian Johnson, who directed BRICK.

The World Cinema Documentary Jury presented Special Jury Prizes to THE LIBERACE OF BAGHDAD (United Kingdom), directed by Sean McAllister, and to WALL (France/Israel), directed by Simone Bitton.

The Shorts Jury presented the Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking to FAMILY PORTRAIT, directed by Patricia Riggen. The Jury Prize in International Short Filmmaking was given to WASP (United Kingdom), directed byAndrea Arnold.  The Shorts Jury also awarded a special recognition to BULLETS IN THE HOOD: A BED-STUY STORY, directed byTerrence Fisher and Daniel Howard. The Shorts Jury awarded Honorable Mentions in Short Filmmaking to ONE WEEKEND A MONTH, directed byEric Escobar; RYAN (Canada),directed byChris Landreth; SMALL TOWN SECRETS, directed byKatherine Leggett; TAMA TU (New Zealand),directed byTaika Waititi; and VICTORIA PARA CHINO, directed byCary Fukunaga.

I'll be posting the winners of the Sundance awards here live. Does anyone have a ticket (or two) to the awards for me? If so email jason at calacanis dot com or call me at 310-456-4900.


7:17 PM
World Documentary:
  Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Romeo Dallaire

7:19 PM
World Drama:  Brothers

7:21 PM
American Documentary:Murderball

7:24 PM
American Drama: Hustle & Flow


7:28 PM
Special Jury Recognition Prize:  Bullets in the Hood: A Bed-Stuy Story


Interational Short Film: Wasp

7:31 PM

American Short Film: Family Portrait


7:32 PM
Sloan Film Prize:
  Grizzly Man


7:42 PM
World Documentary:
Special Grand Jury:
  The Liberace of Baghdad
Special Grand Jury:Wall
Grand Jury:  Shape of the Moon

7:51 PM
World Dramatic:
Special Grand Jury:  Live-in Maid
Special Grand Jury:The Forest for the Trees
Grand Jury:  TheHero

8:02 PM
American Documentary:

Special Grand Jury Prize:  After Innocence
Special Grand Jury Prize for Editing*:  Murderball

* Note:  The Winner of this category could not get a seat in the Main room!  He was rushed from the "C" level room into the "A" level room when his name was announced.

Special Grand Jury Prize for Acting:  Amy Adams, Junebug
Special Grand Jury Prize for Acting:  Lou Pucci, Thumbsucker
Special Grand Jury Prize:  Miranda July, Director, Me and You and Everyone We Know
Special Grand Jury Prize:  Rian Johnson, Director, Brick


8:18 PM
Cinematography Award for Documentary: Gary Griffin, The Education of Shelby Knox
Cinematography Award for Dramatic: Amelia Vincent, Hustle & Flow


8:22 PM
Screenplay Award:  Noah Baumbach,The Squid and the Whale


8:26 PM
Documentary Directing:  Jeff Feurezeig, The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Dramatic Directing:  Noah Baumbach,The Squid and the Whale


8:34 PM
Grand Jury Prize Documentary:
  Why We Fight
Grand Jury Prize Dramatic:  Forty Shades of Blue

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