The rabid fans asked for it … perhaps by now it's anti-climactic, but here it is:

So, what in Glover's name is it then? [...] Is it worth the wait? If you're a normally functioning adult, I'd say: hell no. You will likely consider Glover's uncompromising vision no greater than third-rate, hallucinogenic art-school nonsense. However, if you're like me, i.e. an abnormally functioning film critic, you're likely to find it fascinating and utterly hilarious, even if you happen to agree with those other folks. Oh, and just wait, "What Is It?" is part of a projected trilogy, whose other films will be called "It Is Fine! Everything is Fine" and "It Is Mine". Whew, just in time now that "The Lord of the Rings" has come and gone and the "Star Wars" prequels are at their home stretch.

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