I've made an editorial decision: I'm putting a temporary moratorium on all things Crispin Glover. After this post. First, a reader writes in with one more report from the Sundance screening of Glover's  What Is It?:

I was there. I saw the World Premiere. What Is It? I'm still not sure.

If I had to use one word to describe this film, it would have to be "unintelligible". Fifty other adjectives spring instantly to mind, none of which impart sufficient emotion to describe how truly awful this movie is. Maybe I'm just a square who isn't hip enough to "get" it. If that's true, I was sitting in an auditorium full of squares, just like me, whose blank stares of bewilderment as the theater lights came up proved that they didn't "get" it either.

The 40 minute apres-film Q&A session was mostly Mr. Glover trying to make sense of it for the audience. Nobody was buying it. While I appreciate his intention, this attempt to Rage Against the Hollywood Machine is a lesson in film-making for all to heed: Just because you CAN make a film, doesn't necessarily mean you SHOULD.

Indeed. Thanks, Clae!

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