Remember how three out of the five films nominated for Best Picture last week were credited to "Nominees to be Determined"? According to the Los Angeles Times, AMPAS has sorted most of that out.

In a new bit of red tape designed to "limit the number of producers who come onstage to collect the top Oscar," The Academy now insists that only three producers are allowed to claim official credit on each nominated film. To that end, the Academy deliberated and announced Wednesday that only Michael Mann and Graham King will recieve the official nomination for The Aviator, excluding Charles Evans Jr and Sandy Climan, both of whom were credited as producers on-screen. AMPAS is also expected to announce today that of the four producers credited on-screen for Million Dollar Baby, only director Clint Eastwood, and producers Tom Rosenberg and Al Ruddy will recieve the Best Picture nomination, This leaves out Paul Haggis, who wrote the adapted screenplay. Meanwhile, the producers of Ray settled the dispute on their own, and submitted director Taylor Hackford, his producing partner Stuart Benjamin, and Crusader Entertainment's Howard Baldwin as their final three. This leaves out Baldwin's wife, Karen Baldwin, who was credited on-screen. No word yet on what impact this decison will have in the Baldwin household.

For more on these decisions, read Elaine Dutka's article in today's Los Angeles Times.

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