All alone this Valentine's Day? Well, if you live in New York or LA, you can forgo your annual rituals of anaesthetisation and self-pity, and spend the evening with those infamous "children of Karl Marx and Coca-Cola" - Jean-Luc Godard's Masculine-Feminine is coming to town. Rialto Pictures is sending a restored print of the 1965 verite-impressionist classic on tour, starting at Film Forum (NY) and the Nuart (LA) February 11, and eventually extending to San Francisco, Denver, and Oklahoma City, amongst other locales.

Masculine-Feminine, starring nouvelle vague it-kids Chantal Goya and Jean-Pierre Leaud, is a not-quite-romance in 15 episodes; it's also a surprisingly cohesive portrait of an exact moment in youth culture, one which adds up to far more than the literal sum of its parts. It's some kind of fictional descendent of Pier Paulo Pasolini's Love Meetings (and, for that matter, Jean Rouch's Chronicle of a Summer), but it's much more effective, and affecting, and a lot more fun.

Read much, much more at Lika Anna Karina's Sweater, and check out the Film Forum site for a glimpse at the trailer.

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