Fans of British Realism, take note: The Guardian has set up a conversation betwixt the recently Oscar-nominated Mike Leigh, director of Vera Drake, and the heir to his "kitchen-sink" throne, Ratcatcher helmer Lynne Ramsay. Behold, a representative excerpt:

Mike Leigh:  And we're talking the day after we got three Oscar nominations for Vera Drake - and we're in there with The Aviator and all these other things. A part of me is simply very amused by the irony of what is apparently a tiny film called Vera Drake, which actually is an epic, really.

Lynne Ramsay: Oh completely, it's about everything, that film. And it kind of annoys me when your films are defined as being very British.

Mike Leigh: It pisses me off no end. And I'm sure you get very fed up when you hear Ratcatcher defined as a film about Scotland, as though Bonnie Prince Charlie was going to lead a haggis over the horizon in his kilt.

Read the rest right here.

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