alba.jpgDon't let its cover shot - of a blonde-bewigged, leather-chap-clad Jessica Alba - distract you from the content inside: the February 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a fine behind-the-scenes feature, by Jeff Jensen, on the making of Sin City.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, with heavy input from Frank Miller (creator of the source-material comic book of the same name) and paid for Bob Weinstein via Dimension Films, the film was shot almost entirely on greenstages at Rodriguez's self-built Austin studio and was edited in his garage - but ultimately cost the El Mariachi helmer his membership in the DGA. Still, the article reads like a case study on how to work with big budgets and big stars (Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson and Clive Owen star alongside Alba) and still retain one's independent spirit and creative control. Part of the article is excerpted on EW's site - here's an anecdote that isn't:

Rodriguez's intention is to replicate the comics nearly panel for panel - a gambit as bold as it is commercially risky. But in Sin City, people are always doing crazy things for love. For all of its splatter, the film is really mushy - a big, bloody valentine, from one fiercely independent artist to another. So determined is Rodriguez to get this right, he made the comic-book auteur his codirector. [...]

The Directors Guild of America objected to crediting Miller as codirector, a title that the organization grants sparingly. The DGA suggested making Miller a producer. Instead, Rodriguez quit the DGA - a ballsy bit of rebellion that cost him the chance to direct Paramount's big-budget fantasy A Princess of Mars … 'It was important to me for Frank to be in a recognized position of authority so people respected him,' says Rodriguez.

'What a mensch, huh?' says Miller. has the Sin Citytrailer for Quicktime. The film is due in theaters April 1.

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