_40822763_leigh_300getty.jpgIn just one of the several surprises at tonight's BAFTAs - that is, the British Academy of Film Awards - The Aviator took home four awards, including Best Picture, besting hometown favorite Vera Drake for the top award. But, in a twist that even seemed to surprise the man himself, Vera's director Mike Leigh (right) was named Best Director over The Aviator's Martin Scorsese. In yet another unexpected decision, the award for Best British Film went not to presumed lock Vera Drake, but to Pawel Pawlikowski's My Summer of Love. Scorsese's film also won awards for Best Supporting Actress (Cate Blanchett) production design, and makeup & hair; Imelda Staunton took home the Best Lead Actress award for her performance in Leigh's.

Other major Oscar nominees were virtually shut out at the BAFTAs: Sideways took home only the Best Adapted Screenplay award, and Million Dollar Baby - somewhat controversially - did not recieve any BAFTA nominations. Variety attributes both "snubs" to an inaccessible Christmas-time screening schedule for the two widely-praised American films.

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