Dirty LoveSundance Film Festival entry Dirty Love has been picked up for international sales and distribution by French-British powerhouse The Wild Bunch (The Magdalene Sisters, The Brown Bunny). The pic was written by and stars Former Playboy Playmate of the Year and patron saint of chrome trailer hitches and garden hoses, Jenny McCarthy. Before the milk shoots out of your nose, the film is actually getting mixed-to-good reviews. Scoff if you will but McCarthy is, in all fairness, a pretty gifted comedienne. Her bit with Robert Vaughn in BASEketball and her turn as a conniving Southern well, whore, in the too-quickly cancelled Showtime series Going to California were hysterical and her work on her MTV show was often a riot.

The film was directed by McCarthy's husband John Asher and produced by Beverly Hills Film Studios, Inc. Also appearing in the pic are Carmen Electra, Kathy Griffin, Cris Borgnine (yup!) and Eddie Kaye Thomas. No word if Stiffler's Mom makes an appearance.

According to a release from the producers, the company is in negotiations for a domestic sale for Love as well as for their completed Burt Reynolds starrer Forget About It.

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