We're now just two weeks away from Oscar night, and any serious film nerd is already planning how they'll dominate their office pool once again. But what if you haven't been keeping obsessive track of which films have won which pre-Oscar prizes from the various guilds and critic's organizations? Fear not, for Movie City News has been doing it for you. They've got the winners organized by both film and Oscar category, for your prognosticatory convenience. But before you put the big money down, take note: these charts represent all of the critics prizes to date, and not just the larger awards, like the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes, which are typically considered better Oscar predictors than, say the San Diego Film Critics Association. For instance: on the MCN chart, Sideways has recieved almost three times as many accolades as either The Aviator or Million Dollar Baby; however, mostpundits agree that at this point, the Best Picture race is a dead heat between the two latter films. Happy (for entertainment purposes only) prediciting!

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