ibs.jpgThe original tagline was "There's nothing to hold on to - except each other."  Recent divorcees Miles (Kevin McCarthy) and Becky (Dana Wynter) have just begun to rekindle their childhood romance, when they notice that something very odd is happening in their sleepy hometown of Santa Mira. As it turns out, giant vegetable pods are turning the townsfolk into passionless automatons, and nobody except for the young lovers seems willing to put up a fight. The pod people tell them to just give up their affair and join the masses  - "You've been in love before - it never lasts!" - but Miles and Becky refuse to succumb to transformation - they refuse to give up their second chance at love. Miles plies Becky with coffee and Bennies and cigarettes, and tortured, passionate kisses, to keep her from falling asleep whilst he tries to sneak them out of town, but eventually, she succumbs, leaving Miles alone in madness. Schlock horror context aside, Don Siegel's original Invasion of the Body Snatchers is most definitely a love story, one that casts a last kiss as the apotheosis of horror. Watch it tonight and cuddle up with your significant other, safe in the knowledge that the pod people don't know where you live - or, allow it reify your fear of intimacy and romantic failure. Whatever. It's up to you.

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