ssm.jpgDirector Morgan Spurlock has been awarded the first-ever Feature Documentary Award by the Writers Guild of America, for his fast-food expose Super-Size Me. The film, in which Spurlock documents a thirty-day McDonald's-only diet and the medical problems that ensued, beat a field of prominent nominees including Ross McElwee (Bright Leaves), Julia Bacha and Jehane Noujaim (Control Room), Paolo di Florio (Home of the Brave), Harry Thomason and Nickolas Perry (The Hunting of the President) and Jessica Yu (In the Realms of the Unreal).

Meanwhile, Michael Moore, the year's most high-profie documentarian, chose not to submit Fahrenheit 9/11 for WGA consideration. The category was created for this year's ceremony partially in response to Moore, who won the WGA's Original Screenplay Award two years ago for his documentary, Bowling For Columbine. Under the new rules, non-fiction films are not eligible for consideration in the Original Screenplay category.

Reuters has the full story.

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