Both the Associated Press and Reuters have somewhat strangely-slanted reports from the Berlinale premiere of American director Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic Starring Steve Zissou. In what seems a kind of cruel dispensation of irony when discussing a film that has so far fallen short of critical and commercial expectations, AP highlights the filmmaker's press-conference admission that he's "drawn to failure." A longer peice from Reuters, meanwhile, dismisses the picture as a "lampoon" of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, and spends much of the article outlining its inaccessibility: not only did "scores of baffled journalists and critics" walk out mid-screening, but even co-star Angelica Huston had to see the film "six times" to "fully understand it."

So, apparently, a Touchstone picture starring Bill Murray is the most challenging film at Berlinale. Who knew?

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