BofF-1.jpgThis weekend marks the opening of Digital Masters, the American Museum of the Moving Image's six-week program dedicated to the DV dabblings of established directors, and director Hal Hartley will be on hand this Saturday for two events. At 2:00pm, he'll introduce The Book of Life (1998), his gorgeously lo-fi imagining of how Jesus and Mary Magdalene might spend a pre-millenial day in New York … if they looked like Martin Donovan and Polly Jean Harvey, and if Yo La Tengo were playing everywhere they went. The director will sign DVDs, etc, in the museum lobby after the film. Then, at 4:15, it's back to the screening room for Hartley's latest opus, The Girl From Monday, which recently played at Sundance, and which the AMMI site describes as "an idea-crammed digital sketchbook about a future world in which people are stock-market commodities whose value is based on sexual activity". Hartley will take part in a discussion on digital filmmaking immediately following the screening.

The American Museum of the Moving Image is located at 35 Avenue at 36 Street, in Astoria, New York. For more information on this and other events in the Digital Masters series, go to

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