The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Academy Foundation and the UCLA Film and Television Archive will wrap up their Contemporary Documentary Series with the March 9th screening of Katja Esson's Ferry Tales and Jose Bastos Padilha Neto's Bus 174.
Esson's Oscar®-nominated short film Ferry Tales reveals 30 minutes in the life of the Staten Island Ferry's women's rest room wherein the city's housewives and mothers transform themselves into businesswomen and socialites. Secrets are shared and at least for a while, the divisions created by differences in economic, racial and social status disappear.

On June 12th 2000, Rio de Janeiro's bus 174 was hijacked by an armed young man who terrorized and threatened to kill the passengers. The entire event was aired live on all Brazilian TV networks and the result is a shocking look at police incompetence and a societies struggles with homeless children and urban decay.

The James Bridges Theater is located in Westwood, on the northeast corner of the UCLA campus, near the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Hilgard Avenue . Parking is available for $7 in Lot 3, adjacent to the James Bridges Theater. For more information, call (310) 247-3600 or (310) 206-FILM.

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