Edition Seven of Synoptique, an academic film journal based out of Montreal's Concordia University, has a couple of special features commemorating recently deceased cultural critic Susan Sontag

"Susan Sontag: Readers remember, respond, and re-read," features original essays by a ton of name-brand critics and academics, including James Naremore, Robert Sklar, Jonathan Rosenbaum, E. Ann Kaplan and others. In the Book Review section, Catherine Russell reviews Craig Seligman's Sontag & Kael: Opposites Attract Me, and three new clips have been added to the Synoptique Style Gallery - an archive of video clips dedicated to defining various aesthetic notions by example - in response to Sontag's writings.
Edition Seven also include four new "interpretations" of Jean Renoir's French Cancan, and essays on Tippi Hedren, HBO, and Eyes Wide Shut.

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