More talks are underway this week between Miramax and soon-to-be empty-nesters Disney, and yet more news is leaking from the frontlines. In what has to be the most bizarre soundbite to come out of this saga, a source at Disney told Reuters that, once Bob and Harvey Weinstein are out of the way, his company they plan to run a stripped-down version of the mini-major, in the fashion of "an elite SWAT team." No word yet on what kind of weaponry that may entail, but the source stresses that the revamped distributor will release no more than ten films a year - as oppossed to the 22 pictures Miramax plans to release this year. "Nobody releases 22 films in seven months and does a good job," snarked an unnamed Miramax publicity exec.

Meanwhile, the Brothers Weinstein are said to be in talks with Jerome Seydoux, chairman of European production/distribution outfit Pathe, about possibly creating a joint venture. The two sides have teamed up before - Miramax has handled US distribution on Pathe titles such as Bride and Prejudice, and the Oscar-nominated Les Choristes.

The Reuters article also adds An Unfinished Life, a drama starring Robert Redford and Jennifer Lopez (yeah, you read that right), to the list of "postponed" titles that should see release before the current incarnation of Miramax reaches its final days.

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