p diddyP. Diddy presents the nominated song from Polar Express, and asks us to "listen up, and hook into that inner child."

Some comments from the peanut gallery:

"They made Puffy introduce Polar Express? Weak."
"I don't want to hear Puffy telling me what to do with my inner child."

Now Beyonce is wearing something very slinky and sparkly, and is sing-off-ing with Josh Groban. their performance styles are tragically at odds with one another.

I'm dying for the Jay-Z reaction shot.

prince at oscars 1Rock introduces "Academy Award Winner Prince", who is dressed for his Senior Prom. He'll give out the award. We are suddenly flashing back to "Batdance".

prince at oscars 2And the Oscar goes to … Jorge Drexler, for his song from The Motorcycle Diaries. He sings a couple of lines, and is sort of lovely.

I'm happy it went that way.

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