Well, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz are … presenting … something…

They're actually introducing the nominations for Best Sound Mixing.

It always goes to the loudest movie. The Aviator was LOUD.

sound mixing at oscars It goes to Ray - it's first award of the evening. Which will probably bring it's final tally up to … two.

Now for Best Sound Editing. Penelope does most of the talking this time, and she gives it to The Incredibles, which also won Best Animated Feature. They're the first winners to get the "play-off" - the music cue to interrupt their speech.

Salma and her, um, awards, stay up there to introduce "The Other Side of the River" - the first composition composed in Spanish to be nominated for a Best Song Oscar. And Antonio Banderas (!) and Carlos Santana will be performing it.

It's only been about 20 seconds, and I have to say, my (!) was justified.

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