This is what's getting talked about at my Oscar party as things start to wind down into the post-game:

  • Chris Rock: Fantastic, or Super Fantastic? No, seriously - I'm hearing a few complaints regarding Rock's pre-taped visit to The Magic Johnson Theater, but otherwise, the reviews have been resoundingly positive. The opening monologue managed to rip down the entire superstructure of the Oscars - and then with one reference to Pootie Tang, said, "Yeah, okay - me too." Great lesson to learn: if you're gonna make fun of someone on their turf, throw in a dig at yourself while you're at it.

  • Presenting awards in the audience? Everyone here seems in favor of it - and, guess what? Shortest little ceremony ever.

  • The production numbers were surprisingly un-tacky, and nobody ever seems to get enough of Beyonce. But me, I felt like all three of her performances were crying out for a little taste of the Jay-Z touch - kick up the bass, throw in some freestyle, and that song from The Chorus suddenly sounds like a great idea.

  • Scorsese Gets Shafted - or, the Susan Lucci Award. Are non-New Yorkers as mad as we are?

  • Why was Babs Streisand wearing her curtains? I mean, they were very nice curtains, but…

What are you talking about at your Oscar party?

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