bfoscar01.jpgThe end of the dreaded Awards Season always seems to cast something of a pall over the entertainment media - everyone seems to be lolling around this week, tending to their post-Oscar hangovers, lesiurely filing post-party stories, and waiting for the next big event.

One such dispatch, by Michael Simkin from today's Telegraph, follows Imelda Staunton through her ultimately unsuccessful bid for Oscar. Simkin, an old drama school buddy of Staunton's who has known her for "nearly thirty years", tags along as the Oscar nominee collects swag, gets accosted by fans, and primps along to The Beatles. Simkin asks the tough questions, and Staunton gives great soundbite:

So, what's her biggest thrill to date? "Meeting Red Buttons," she replies without hesitation. The veteran Hollywood actor was introduced to her at a dinner party recently. "To be honest, I thought he was dead. He must be in his eighties now, but he came up to me and presented me with a huge bunch of flowers he'd obviously just swiped from a vase: the stalks were still dripping water. `I loved your movie,' he said, `it made me laugh a lot'."

Read the rest of the piece here.

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