5.jpgThe 2005 Florida Film Festival will kick off on April 8 in Orlando, with a screening of Alice Wu's Saving Face, and will close on April 17 with a revival of the noir classic, Kiss Me Deadly.

Saving Face, Wu's directorial debut, tells the story of two Chinese-American women struggling to temper their very contemporary desires within the confines ethnic tradition. Michelle Krusiec stars as Wil, a 28-year-old medical resident carrying out a secret lesbian affair, who unexpectedly discovers that her mother (Joan Chen) has been living a secret life of her own. Meanwhile, Kiss Me Deadly, directed by Robert Aldrich from a story by Mickey Spillane, is the ultimate Freudian tangle of mid-century American psychological woes, encompassing elements of noir and sci-fi, post-War gender confusion and Cold War anxieties over imminent apocalyse.

So it's a pretty interesting set of bookends; the meat of the Festival schedule will be announced shortly on their official site.

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