Most of us who who know the work of Jem Cohen owe that familiarity to the photographer/videographer/documentarian's work with post-hardcore band Fugazi - their most extensive collaboration, Instrument,  simply defies categorization. This hybridity alternates between boon and bane; critic Jonathan Rosenbaum blames it for the micro-distribution of Cohen's first full-length feature, Chain, despite the fact that the film "is far from inaccessible". Chain has seen only a few brief engagements at museums, festivals and colleges, and as Rosenbaum laments in Chicago's free weekly, the Reader, that is probably "because it was partly funded by European television, because distributors never know how to package films that merge documentary and fiction, and because it belongs to the netherworld between film and art." Read the rest of Rosenbaum's review to find out what you're missing.

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