longlife_web.jpgMaybe one of the reasons why I didn't really didn't enjoy Sideways - apart from the fact that I'm not a depressed middle-aged male with a drinking problem and a penchant for blonde waitresses, unlike various other film critics - was that I kept thinking, "Hey! Give the gal from Double Happiness more to do!"

That would be Sandra Oh, who won a Genie (a Canadian Oscar) for her starring turn in Mina Shum's 1994 debut, about a young Chinese-Canadian woman hiding a fledgling acting career and a white, indie-rock boyfriend from her very traditional parents. In 2002, Oh and Shum teamed up again on Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity, in which a young girl (Valerie Tan) delves into ancient Chinese magic in order to find her harried single mother (Oh) a boyfriend. The film screens this Wednesday at 7:30 pm at Cinema Village in New York, and students get $2 off admission with a valid ID. The event is sponsered by Asian CineVisions; for more information, visit their website.

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