A cursory glance at the schedule for this year's SXSW Film Festival turns up several micro-budget films that deal with the sex and dating lives of 20-something urbanites. Not exactly revolutionary subject matter, but the trailers would indicate that some of these films are at least approaching the old dog with new tricks. The four-member cast of Kissing on the Mouth shot their entire post-collegiate sexual-whirlwind feature themselves; on the film's official site, the filmmakers name-check influences from Dziga Vertov to Lloyd Kaufman, which is awesome, because I've been waiting for someone to strike a middle ground between Kino-eye and Troma for years. Meanwhile, Four Eyed Monsters (above) directed by and starring Susan Bruice and Arin Crumley, uses the tropes of documentary and video art to tell a story about love and disconnection in the internet age. Both films will be screening on Saturday, March 12, as part of the Emerging Filmmakers program at SXSW. For more information, check out SXSW.com

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