Being that it's been scheduled to coincide with both the sole screening of Todd Solondz's Palindromes, and the debut of Bradley Beesley's documentary on The Flaming Lips, I have a feeling  few festivalgoers are going to make it a priority to catch the SXSW World Premiere of Straight Line - and that's a shame, because the trailer, at least, is promising. Sean Ackerman directs himself (seems to be a running theme this year) as Bobby, who gets in his Buick and follows his runaway girlfriend from Montana to Panama, and deals with his own mother's death in the process.  Hollywood Bitchslap has an interview with the adorably audacious Ackerman, who is prone to making statements like "I can make a better film for $34,000 than most directors can make for ten times that much. Does that sound cocky? Sorry." Judging by the imagery decorating the film's official site, it looks like that cockiness may be warranted, especially since, as the young auteur points out, the picture was shot "on three different formats in five countries … for the price of an SUV."  If you miss the premiere (7:30 Sunday at the Dobie), Straight Line is also screening at 9:45pm on Thursday, March 17, and at 4:45pm on Saturday, March 19, at the Alamo Downtown and the Dobie, respectively.

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