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Just caught the full trailer for what will undoubtedly be the biggest independently produced film to be released this year, George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Siths. I'm not in any way a pedigreed Star Wars-ologist, but it struck me how much, just visually, the trailer looks like A New Hope - except much, much more expensive. There is a lot of … uh … Star Wars-y stuff. Okay, I admit - I never got into Star Wars, and the only reason I saw the trailer at all is that it was tacked on to the end of The O.C. But I feel a bloggeristic duty to make an effort to recap it for you, even though I don't fully understand what most of it means. Let's see, what else? Yoda and C3-PO make an appearance, Natalie Portman cries, and Samuel L. Jackson worries about Anakin hanging out with the wrong crowd, and since the kid apparently becomes fully Darth Vader-ed out by film's end, I guess there is cause for worry. All in all, it actually looks pretty good. Check out the teaser trailer if you haven't already. The full trailer is playing in theaters at the head of the new animated film, Robots, and Leslie Stahl will interview Lucas on 60 Minutes this Sunday.

Did you see the trailer? What did you think?

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