President of Icon Entertainment Sally Caplan has been tapped to replace Robert Jones as head of the U.K. Film Council's Premiere Fund. Under the Premiere Fund's auspices, Caplan will be responsible for investing £8 million ($15 million) per year in British productions with the potential of mass-market appeal. According to Variety, the selection of Caplan, a popular figure in the British film industry, indicates the UKFC's desire to appeal to indie producers. Whilst the Premiere Fund's ostensible goal is to help finance quality "commerical movies that the marketplace alone will not finance," precedecesor Jones had a mixed success rate, and drew fire for taking executive producer credits on the pictures he helped finance. Caplan will eschew such credit and her hiring is a sign that the Council wants to "support producers, not usurp their role." Caplan rose to prominence as an aquisitions exec; some of her better buys include Amelie, Lost in Translation, and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
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