I've now been in Austin for about 30 hours. I've seen three films, two of which I highly recommend and will blog further on later. Tonight I met the Craig from Craig's List, and this morning I absorbed anecdotes from The Dude. Sunday morning I'm speaking on the Future of Film Blogs panel; it's at 11:30 AM in room 18B of the Austin Convention Center. And from there, it's another screening-filled day.

Though I'll write much, much more on it later on, I have to say that I was blown away by Arin Crumley and Susan Bruice's Four-Eyed Monsters. It is not a perfect film, and it's definitely emotionally difficult (to the point where I had to run to the bathroom immediately afterwards to inspect the stab-wound in my chest), but even when it's annoying, it reeks of prodigous brillance. It's showing twice more this week, Tuesday at 5pm and Friday at 5:30, and you can also check out a daily video blog of the directors/writers/stars' experience at SXSW at www.foureyedmonsters.com.