I don't even know how I'm not passed out by now, but here I am, blogging at 2AM at the end of another long day full of festival hijinks. Sunday started with the Future of Film Blogs panel, which our moderator Mike Curtis has blogged beautifully about here (unfortunately, I don't recall what I said about subjectivity any better than he does - such is the price we pay in the mad festival crush).

It was a good time, though, and it was great to talk to people after the panel (and throughout the day) about the (literal and figurative) nexus of blogging and independent film. As I half-joked on the panel, there is that "inherent punk-rock aesthetic" to blogging that I'm really drawn to; it's available to and appeals to people who. for whatever reason, have been denied other kinds of communicative platforms. It's spontaneous and democratic, and has the same kind of insurrectionary potential that fuels the best independent/underground/experimental art and film. This kind of stuff gets me excited; it was awesome to meet and speak with others who get all riled up by the same thing.