Early on in Kissing on the Mouth, Ellen (Kate Winterich), slumped on her living room couch with her best friend Laura (Kris Williams), tries to explain the attendent problems of continuing to have sex with an ex. "I just wish," Ellen sighs, "that we could do it without everyone watching."

The film (much like another SXSW Emerging Visions entry, Arin Crumley and Susan Buice's Four-Eyed Monsters) - goes on to ask the next logical question: if we can't live our lives in private - because we live in cities, and/or in tiny apartments with roommates, and/or because we're artists and we mediate the world around us through various technologies of representation - is it next-best to go the other way entirely, to open oneself and put it all out there? If "everyone" is going to be watching anyway, mightn't we give them something to see?