I'm sitting in the press suite at SXSW, having just finished recording audio interviews with Andrew Bujalski, the writer/director and co-star of Mutual Appreciation, and Joe Swanberg, Kris Williams, Kate Winterich and Kevin Pittman of Kissing on the Mouth. We'll post those interviews, plus a conversation with Susan Buice and Arin Crumley from Four-Eyed Monsters, as downloadable podcasts sometime in the next couple of days.

People here have been talking a great deal about the thematic intersections of these three films - all deal with twenty-somethings, living in big cities and struggling to find ways to communicate with one another, and yet all are pretty much unlike anything else I've ever seen. They're definitely the most exciting films I've seen at the festival, and as I discussed today with the makers of Kissing on the Mouth, when looked at as a cluster, a trinity, they seem to herald the arrival of a new generation of young, independent American filmmakers. This all sounds terribly hyperbolic, but it's hard to overstate the joy I felt walking away from these screenings. It was like, "Finally, you guys. What took you so long?"