NYET11703151929-big.jpgThe most high-profile arrest in New York City during last summer's protests against the Republican National Convention was that of 25th Hour star Rosario Dawson. According to the AP, all charges against the actress have now been dropped. Dawson, who got her start in Larry Clark's Kids and was seen on screen most recently fornicating with Colin Farrell in Alexander, had been filming scenes on the streets of New York for The Revolution, an indie film which was using the protests as a backdrop for the story. Dawson and director Stephen Marshall were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing government administration, for allegedly refusing to move when commanded to by the police. According to ADA Eric Arnone, videotapes of the incident suggested that "none of ... the defendants were given a command to leave the area, much less that the defendants intentionally disobeyed a command to leave."
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