As I could have predicted, none of the films I was super-excited about triumphed at tonight's 2005 SXSW Awards Ceremony - with the exception of Four Eyed Monsters, which came in as runner-up in the Emerging Visions contest. You'll find the rest of the notable winners, with some commentary, below.

Jury Award: Best Narrative Feature
Hooligans - The Elijah Wood star-er, tackling an American's journey into soccer hooligan country.

Special Jury Award

Documentary Feature
Cowboy Del Amor - Saw it this afternoon. Stay tuned for my review!

Special Jury Award
The Boys of Baraka

Music Video Jury Award
Badly Drawn Boy, The Year of the Rat

Audience Awards

The Education of Shelby Knox - Sundance film about a conservative-bred high school girl who turns herself into a champion for sexual education.

Emerging Visions
The Puffy Chair finally catching it tomorrow, and based on what I've heard, I can't wait!

Four Eyed Monsters

Documentary Audience Award
Cowboy Del Amor

Narrative Feature Audience Award

Feature Runner-Up

So, that's it. My policy at this festival has been to seek out the smaller films that might not otherwise get coverage, so I'm not surprised that my favorites have been largely ignored. I do hope, however, that Mutual Appreciation eventually ends up with some semblance of distribution. They're sort of stuck in a kind of quadrant between "anti-commerical" and "not anti-commercial enough".  But hey - if you guys need a letter of reference...

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