ivan-at-sign_500.jpgI thought most of the movie people were starting to leave town, but yesterday afternoon's screening of Cowboy Del Amor was packed. No surprise that it won the Audience Award last night - people really seemed to love it. When director Michele Ohayon pointed out the central couple of the film sitting in the audience, the entire Austin Convention Center got on its feet and gave them a good long standing ovation. I liked it, but didn't love it. The story of a man who makes a small living fixing up lonely American men with hand-picked Mexican women, it does manage to raise questions about love, morality and commerce without ever seeming didactic. But I wish the filmmaker had probed a little further into the mind of the "Cowboy Cupid" himself - she lets most of his good-hearted misogyny slip away unexamined. I'll write more on it later... no, really, I promise.

This afternoon I'm heading off to what will probably be my final SXSW screening, The Puffy Chair. I'm much more curious about it after having taked to Susan Buice, who suggested that it serves as the missing link between her film and Kissing on the Mouth - that all three films together represent the complete life cycle of a relationship.

The Awards ... were a bit confusing. Jury prize and Audience Award for Hooligans? Let's just say I haven't heard anyone talking about this film. But maybe I'm hanging out with the wrong people.

This is my last day/night in Austin. I'm gonna try to sneak into a party tonight to celebrate the release of The Fearless Freaks, Bradley Beesley's documentary on The Flaming Lips, and then it's back to wintry New York...

Oh, I almost forgot! Biggest celebrity sighting so far was last night - we ran into Gwyneth and baby Apple at the new Whole Foods. Ms. Paltrow-Martin is in town to shoot scenes (or, maybe more accurately, *a* scene) for Every Word is True, a Truman Capote biopic produced by Killer Films. She has a tiny cameo as singer Peggy Lee, and has reportedly been paid $2 million to sing "What is This Thing Called Love" over the film's opening credits.