MTV is currently shooting the latest season of The Real World here in Austin, and various stories are sprinkling down to me in regards to cast member run-ins. "They're much shorter than I would have thought," said Kissing on the Mouth's Kate Winterich. "They just all seemed really small." This was after I told her that her own film reminded me of "The Real World without any kind of superficial action or interaction." Someone else told me that they were approached by an MTV producer after inadvertently taking a picture of a cast member; the producer asked him to remove the shot from his digital camera. Now it seems as though the whole thing is taking a turn for the reflexive worse: Eugene Hernandezblogs about being interviewed, on-camera, by a Real World cast member, who was in turn being filmed by the MTV crew. When indieWIRE's Brian Brooks attempted to document the event on his own digital camera, MTV producers again intervened. According to this site, which tracks the cast's every move, the "seven strangers" are making a documentary on a band called Moonlight Towers.