ShoWest, the annual excuse for movie exhibitors to spend an expenses-paid lost week in Vegas, is wrapping up tonight with its big awards ceremony. I've never really understood the point of the ShoWest Awards - not because they're clearly so shallow and meaningless, but because they have no pretension of being anything other than shallow and meaningless. As Stuart Levine puts it in his Variety piece on the matter, "it's at once a quasi-awards show and a super-sized junket." The syndicated entertainment wrap-up shows cull weeks worth of material from the convention, and an early appearance by a star at ShoWest can make a big difference in summer blockbuster box office. So, who's the ShoWest Actress of the Year? That's a trick question - ShoWest honors Stars, with no discernible regard for acting ability or individual performances. Who's the ShoWest Female Star of the Year? Jennifer Aniston. And why is that? Who cares! Access Hollywood promises she'll talk about dumping Brad Pitt!!!
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