chloe.svengy.jpgVia Scott Macaulay's FILMMAKER blog: The Suicide Girls - the alt-chick porn community that we only visit for the articles  - has an interview with Chloe Sevigny, star of Woody Allen's Melinda and Melinda, which comes out in New York today. In it, Sevigny says that when she "first started acting," she "made a list of all the directors" she wanted to work with, and Allen's name made it to the top. Also on the list, Jim Jarmusch and Lars Von Trier, both of whom have recently made films with the sort-of-star. Accomplished dreams aside, Sevigny is not above a little cattiness, taking the following swipe at Boys Don't Cry co-star Hilary Swank's spotty filmography: "...actors can make terrible movies, walk away and then win Oscars ... look at The Core." All together now: "No you didn't..."
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