ring2.jpgIn horror news, The Ring Two earned $36 million in its opening weekend, more than twice the opening box office of the 2002 original. In news that horrifies, Vin Diesel's kiddie-pic The Pacifier is holding strong - it grossed $12.5 million this weekend, earning it the third place slot in its third week.

Family-friendly fare took three of the Top Five slots this weekend, with last week's number one film, Robots, coming in second place with $21.8 million (bringing its tally to $66.9 million over two weeks); and Disney's Ice Princess making fourth place with $7 million. Hitch rounded out the Top Five, earning $6.6 million over the three day period.

In the success-is-always-relative world of indie box office, The Upside of Anger averaged over $12,000 per screen in limited release, and Woody Allen's Melinda and Melinda earned a staggering $74,048 through its single New York engagement. And whilst Martin Scorsese might still be licking his Oscar-night wounds, The Aviator earned almost $900,000 this weekend - enough to make it the first of last year's Best Picture nominees to cross the $100 million mark. It's now the director's highest grossing film by some margin; second place goes to Cape Fear, which topped out at $79 million.