geek_love.jpgIn musing on the collapse of relations between Pixar and home studio Disney, James Rocchi comes to the conclusion that the former needs to step out of its comfort zone. Instead of adding "Collectible Spoons!" to the list of objects that have been creatively anthropomorphized, Rocchi suggests the CGI factory take on "more challenging material" - specifically, Geek LoveKatherine Dunn's 1993 florid meditation on a family of carnival freaks. I think this is a fantastic idea. It's silly and depressing that American animation can't seem to break out of the kiddie ghetto - even if 'family" films like Finding Nemo are sometime good enough to appeal to adults. And Pixar technology is only getting better - why not put it to the service of a story with a built-in aesthetic that would be nearly impossible to otherwise create realistically? Geek Love has never been filmed, although rumors have floated for years that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were anxious to give it a shot.
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