now54.jpg"No one keeps a diary unless he or she wants it to be read," writes Stephanie Zacharek, film critic for Salon, holding forth on the puzzling nature of celebrity blogs. When a celebrity like Gwen Stefani or Rosie O'Donnell jumps into desktop publishing, it's not necesarily about putting forth pristinely perfect PR - in a way, she's inviting a fan to circumnavigate the paparazzi trail and get the dirt straight from the source. And "dirt" in this case often doesn't  mean sex-and-or-drug scandal, but something even messier - actual glimpses into who these people really are. Whether it's Melanie Griffith posting a letter to her "inner self", or O'Donnell slipping into free verse about "the day democracy died" - this stuff is too eye-poppingly awful to come from anywhere but an inflated semi-celebrity brain. Great article, if for no other reason than because Zacharek compiles links to the blogs of Fred Durst, Barbra Striesand and Ian McKellan on one handy page.
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