According to a piece in today's New York Times by Sharon Waxman, Tom Cruise is increasingly allowing his devotion to the Church of Scientology to take priority over his duties as World's Biggest Star. Last year, Cruise replaced his long-time representative, Pat Kingsley, with Anne DeVette, who is both his sister and herself a devoted member of The Church. Cruise also apparently sponsored a "Scientology tent" on the set of this summer's War of the Worlds, at which volunteer ministers gave out massages and religious literature. Then, just weeks ago, Cruise invited distribution executives for the same film on a four-hour tour of assorted Scientology hotspots around Los Angeles. Waxman asserts that Cruise's new turn towards evangelism has been met with a palpable weariness from non-devotees. "I think religion is a really personal thing," says one executive for United International Pictures, the company distributing Worlds, who was on said tour. "But what it actually means to be a Scientologist, I don't think I fully understand."
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