gail.jpgGail Berman, president of Fox Entertainment, is leaving that network to take on a "senior creative role" at Paramount Pictures. Berman's five-year tenure at FOX was the longest of any current network chief, and during it, she oversaw the creation of hits like American Idol, 24 and The O.C. Berman's contract with Fox was due to expire later this year, and there was little sign she was planning on doing anything but sign a new one. That is, until Tuesday, when The Hollywood Reporter broke news that Berman was being wooed by Paramount president Brad Grey. By Tuesday evening, according to E! Online,  Paramount "stopped short of saying all the i's were dotted," - meaning, they issued a statement fessing up to the talks, and indicated that all parties "hope to conclude the discussions shortly." It's as yet unclear as to what Berman's Paramount job title will be - or, for that matter, who will replace her at Fox. To answer the latter uncertainty, several names are being floated, including 20th Century Fox TV's Dana Walden, FX's Peter Liguori, and Fox TV Studios' Angela Shapiro. THR is suggesting that the key to the former querie is contained in two words: Sherry Lansing. Her January departure has created a need for an executive to oversee creative decisions.
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