christina_ricci_large.jpgAs we once warned would eventually happen, Prozac Nation has debuted on the Starz! cable channel, and Slate's Dana Stevens has filed a review. The Wurtzel character, as played by Christina Ricci, is "a total f***ing bitch. Maybe even a c**t, or a t**t", and if you've read the book, you know that means the former Wednesday Adams nailed it. Stevens concludes that Erik Skjoldbjaerg's adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel's memoir is "better than it has any right to be ... certainly no worse than [Gwyneth Paltrow-as-Plath biopic] Sylvia." Stevens says the film is at its best when director and star take Wurtzel's madness over-the-top, and actually sufffers when it treats the protagonist sympathetically. No wonder EW herself famously called Prozac Nation "a horrible movie." A cursory glance at the Starz! programming linup suggests that they've relegated the pic to late-night/early morning graveyard - who knows, maybe it has cult potential. 
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