down.jpgOscar nominee Downfall has drawn controversy for its balanced depiction of Adolf Hitler - the film seems to say, sure, he was a mass murderer, but even mass murderers have mundane little lives. To coincide with the upcoming release of the German film in Britain, the Guardian UK has conducted brief interviews with six actors who have played Hitler, some more that once, or even, in the case with Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade's Michael Sheard, "at least a half dozen times." Some of the actors try to establish a connection to history's most reviled leader -War and Remembrance's Stephen Berkoff, for instance, "could identify with his energy and belief, though not with his murderous tendencies." Udo Schenk, who's played Hitler in three films including a Bollywood drama, says to portray the dictator as 100% monster is to put him on a pedestal: "I don't think he should be a taboo subject...he was just an arsehole who ate, went to the toilet and ended up going completely bonkers."
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