Cuecards.jpgWhen I was in art school, I briefly contemplated directing a shot-by-shot remake of Don't Look Back starring a troupe of Girl Scouts in a variety of different wigs. I eventually abandoned the idea for a much less ambitious project involving Girl Scouts, with no small sense of regret. So it's with a tinge of jealousy that I report that Todd Haynes is planning on having multiple actors play Bob Dylan in his new biopic, I'm Not There: Suppositions on a Film Concerning Bob Dylan. No, he's not ripping off Todd Solondz- Haynes first started talking about this risky casting gambit two years ago whilst riding the awards wave for Far From Heaven - but the move is lately drawing more attention, as Haynes proceed to audition "everyone from Beyonce to Venus Williams" for the role of the black female Dylan. The Guardian's Michael Gray goes out on a limb to suggest that this is just as it should be. "What could be more resourcefully right, more aptly Dylanesque," Gray writes, "than having the quicksilver king of re-invention played by a mixed bunch of mere mortals?" Nothing ... except for, possibly, Girl Scouts.
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