img03.jpgI really, really like the new Drew Barrymore. She's been getting heaps of rag space for losing weight, but based on the Fever Pitchtrailer, she's changed in other ways as well. Her voice has become deeper, she has a more confident posture - it's as if she's suddenly become a grown-up. She's long been one of few contemporary actresses who have the old-fashioned starpower to elevate so-so material, but in the past has veered gesturally into the distractingly cute. Now propelled by Barrymore's new-found sophistication, that starpower is overwhelming. It looks like observing the result of Barrymore's transformation is by far the best reason to see Pitch, the new Farrelly Brothers movie, based on a novel by Nick Hornby. The premise just seems silly - Jimmy Fallon is obsessed with the Red Sox; his new girlfriend Drew pouts for him to pay more attention to her - but the track record on Hornby adaptations (High Fidelity, About a Boy) is very, very good, and Barrymore is just a joy to watch.